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Equine Energetics

Helping Horses to Heal

The magical, mystical being that is horse has the most finely tuned sensibilities, making Quantum Energetic Healing their kind of modality.  By telepathically shifting subtle energies on the subconscious level, blockages can be released allowing for energies to flow and healing to begin.  It is through pictorial imagery, stories, sensing, and a knowing shared by the horses that the traumas, whether from this lifetime or past, are brought forth to me for releasing.  I have found the use of my powerful chakra healing paintings in this process facilitates and magnifies the effects of the treatments.  These paintings resonate healing energies 24/7. The transformative effects on the horses are greatly enhanced if the paintings are also hung in stalls vibrating with the chosen chakra energy matching the horse’s present needs.

The chakra paintings hold energies that are very tangible to horses. The other day I had 2 very different experiences with the presentation of paintings to 3 horses: Smoke wanted support of his emotional centre via the 2nd chakra, orange in colour, which he had communicated to me for months. Another horse, Roscoe, joined in. He too was after the emotional support of 2nd chakra. Roscoe’s close pal had died a few months before and this horse had noticeably been grieving. Before this, outgoing Roscoe wanted the turquoise chakra resonating to communication but not right now— he was in too much emotional pain. They were both immediately drawn to the orange 2nd chakra painting, licking, snuffling, rubbing, and then both trying to consume this piece at the same time. They followed me all over wanting more of this strongly vibrating energy. These paintings are loaded with quantum energetics… gemstones, absolute scalar waves, sacred geometry, and colour consciousness to name but a few. Now hanging in Smoke’s stall, the energy continually cascades gently down upon him calming this highly sensitive horse. He is doing beautifully. I helped him to release 2 past life traumas, the reactivation of PTSD of which had been causing him to starve himself as well as great difficulty mounting in the horse transport box. The blocks of both issues were released quickly, allowing the life flow to resume.

That same day, another horse, Sea Kelp, had just been given a reprieve from euthanasia.   He had some weeks earlier communicated his dismay to me that this was chosen on his behalf.  He felt betrayed after winning award after award together with his owner and he knew he was not ready nor was it necessary.  He told me he would just lie down and die when his time came, greatly resenting that a human thought they knew what was best for him. He was mentally weakened from the emotional roller coaster and expressed that his heart was broken.  When I brought the green heart chakra painting forth as Sea Kelp requested, I was really surprised that he found the energy of a 20” canvas so powerful that he leapt backwards several feet.  Cautiously he approached, investigating the energy and slowly getting comfortable with it on his terms. This was a big learning for me to recognize that the paintings are so powerful as to be too strong for a 1000 lb. horse in a weakened psychological condition.  The next day he was stronger overall.  The healing I had been doing on him for some weeks had improved his arthritis to a degree to give him his reprieve.

Like with all energetic healing, patience is necessary as the being’s soul needs to want to release the blockages and be ready to do so.  This is a subconscious decision. Horses have a great advantage here as they don’t get caught up in a story around their issues.

Quantum Energetic Healing is a gentle, hands-off healing technique allowing for healing on all levels and  often of issues for which traditional treatment has not found remedies.

Equine Energetics

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